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Checklist - Sell a business
Before you sell your company, you should consider the following points:
  1. Business valuation
  2. Preparation of documents
  3. Legal review
  4. Identification of potential buyers
  5. Contract negotiations
We wish you much success with your project.

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Fixt it – Sell it - Close it : Steps of restructuring
Restructuring companies using the 'Fix it, Sell it, or Close it' principle is a common strategy to get companies back on track or maximize their value. Here's how each phase typically plays out:

Due Diligence checklist
This due diligence checklist provides an overview of the information and documents required. How much data you collect depends on the size and complexity of the company. In general, a period of three historical years, the current financial year as well as the budget and any existing financial plan are looked at.

Terms M&A
In this glossary of terms M&A, you will find an overview of terms and processes relating to M&A, company succession, company purchase and sale. It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to stumble upon foreign technical terms in transaction processes or succession planning. Many of these technical terms have been heard before, but what is really behind them remains open.

Real estate in the succession
Finding the ideal successor solution is challenging. If a company is successful, a business property is often part of its assets. It is challenging for potential successors if they have to help finance this. Early planning is worth it.